Top 20 Tracks by Jasmin Tabatabai1

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Rank Name Number of times played
1 Absence Makes The Heart Beat 3
After You Killed Me 3
Another Sad Song 3
Back Into Space 3
Bad Thing 3
Buddy Is Not So Tall 3
Catch Me 3
Come Home 3
Dooshite ("Por Qué Te Vas") 3
If I Were God 3
It All Comes Back To You 3
Over You 3
Photograph 3
Pieces Of My Heart 3
Puppet 3
Some Other Time 3
Sympathy 3
The First Of May 3
V.I.P. 3

1Tracks are aggregated by artist and track name which means that potentially different versions of a track on different albums are counted together. A track must have been played at least 2 times to appear.
2Compilations are excluded.

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