Top 20 Tracks by Koljah1

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Rank Name Number of times played
1 Die große Show [feat. Prezident & Destroy Degenhardt] 15
2 Nazis rein 13
3 Hauptsache Kohle 10
4 Es geht um Sprüche [feat. Panik Panzer, Danger Dan] 6
5 Antithese 5
Der Zweifel 5
Immerhin etwas 5
Kol & The Gang [Bonustrack feat. Bobby Fletcher, Fantoni, NMZS, form, H aka N, Illoyal, Panik Panzer, Kaos Kanji, Luk, Danger Dan, Lea-Won, Nic Knatterton, Daffy, Killa Calles & DJ Tai Phun] 5
Mausoleum 5
Misere 5
6 Die Toten Hosen [Bonustrack] 4
K.O.L.J.A.H. 4
Politischer Rap [Bonustrack] 4
7 Du weißt nix [feat. NMZS] 3
Liebe Kinder 3
Monotonie 3
Publikumsbeschimpfung 3
Rapamukkale [feat. NMZS] 3
Sprache verloren [feat. NMZS] 3
8 Drogengeld 2
Du gehörst mir [feat. Bobby Fletcher] 2
Guten Morgen [Bonustrack] 2
Immer noch 2
Objektive Tatsachen 2
Von Stadt zu Kaff 2

1Tracks are aggregated by artist and track name which means that potentially different versions of a track on different albums are counted together. A track must have been played at least 2 times to appear.
2Compilations are excluded.

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