Motörhead were an English rock band formed in London in 1975 by Lemmy, Larry Wallis (guitar) and Lucas Fox (drums). Lemmy was also the primary songwriter and only constant member. The band are often considered a precursor to the new wave of British heavy metal, which re-energised heavy metal in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Though several guitarists and drummers have played in Motörhead, most of their best-selling albums and singles feature drummer Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor and guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke.

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Top 20 Tracks by Motörhead1

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Rank Name Number of times played
1 Metropolis 113
2 Overkill 109
3 Ace Of Spades 107
4 No Class 105
5 Stay Clean 94
6 Bomber 87
The Chase Is Better Than The Catch 87
7 God Save The Queen 75
8 Killed By Death 73
9 God Was Never On Your Side 72
10 Born To Raise Hell 67
Over The Top 67
11 Over Your Shoulder 66
12 Sacrifice 65
13 We Are Motörhead 63
14 Going To Brazil 62
Orgasmatron 62
15 R.A.M.O.N.E.S. 55
16 Iron Fist 54
Lost In The Ozone 54
17 Damage Case 49
18 Whorehouse Blues 46
19 Just 'Cos You Got The Power 45
20 Capricorn 42
In The Name Of Tragedy 42

1Tracks are aggregated by artist and track name which means that potentially different versions of a track on different albums are counted together. A track must have been played at least 2 times to appear.
2Compilations are excluded.

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