Top 20 Tracks by T.V. Smith1

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Rank Name Number of times played
1 Lion And The Lamb 38
2 Generation Y 18
3 Expensive Being Poor 9
4 The Day We Caught The Big Fish 8
5 Gary Gilmore's Eyes 7
One Chord Wonders 7
Ready For The Axe To Drop 7
6 Only One Flavour 6
Useless 6
7 Bored Teenagers 5
Gather Your Things And Go 5
Immortal Rich 5
Lord's Prayer 5
My String Will Snap 5

1Tracks are aggregated by artist and track name which means that potentially different versions of a track on different albums are counted together. A track must have been played at least 2 times to appear.
2Compilations are excluded.

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